Kfar Tikve (Village of Hope)

A Home and Community for Special People


Kfar Tikva, The Village of Hope, is a kibbutz-like community. The village was founded in 1964, and is among the most established, respected and innovative programs in Israel for adults with developmental and emotional disabilities. Kfar Tikva’s 200+ residents range in age from early 20s to close to 80, and represent a broad spectrum of functioning ability and degree of autonomy and independence.


Kfar Tikva believes that each and every individual should be given the opportunity to achieve their potential, regardless of their limitations.


Employment plays a critical role in the lives of individuals with special needs. Work provides; structure, develops social skills, builds a sense of responsibility, self-esteem and personal empowerment. At Kfar Tikva, the residents spend a portion of each day in meaningful employment. Many residents work in businesses established by entrepreneurs within the village (the candle factory, dog kennel and Tulip Winery) and work side-by-side with them. Other residents work in the onsite creative arts workshops, or at jobs that support the functioning of the village itself.


Kfar Tikva is a registered not for profit entity. Ongoing operations are funded by Israel governmental agencies. Capital and special projects are made possible by the generous support of private donors and foundations.


For more information or to donate contact Rebecca Levy at RebeccaL@kfartikva.org.il

or visit their website at www.kfar-tikva.org.il