In 2003, the Itzhaki family fulfilled their long-time dream of establishing a boutique winery that combines the production of quality wine with social responsibility.

The winery is located in the north of Israel in Kfar Tikva (Village of Hope), a community settlement, and the first of its kind for adults with developmental and emotional disabilities.

The wonderful vision produced an exciting model of wine industry that employs members of kfar tikva and provides them with a business platform to integrate in the labor market like any other person.

Creativity and attention to every detail of the manufacturing process and constant observance of providing full value for the price has made Tulip an industry leader and the largest boutique winery in Israel.  

Tulip winery  has developed a global reputation as well as received sensational reviews and international awards.

Tulip wines have spirit, soul, bouquet and flavor like no other wine: Because you cannot compete with a dream